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Let's get Wild!


Monkey Jump

Likely to be your first venture, Monkey Jump is the shortest staircase leading you to a 6-foot platform allowing you to leap seven feet to the water.


Gorilla Jump

The high dive. Gorilla's tall leap from a 12-foot platform allowing you to fall with no restraints out into the wind to a full 14-foot drop to the water.


Monkey Bounce
Located on the same staircase as Monkey Jump, you can opt to jump on the smaller trampoline that ejects you out above the water at heights of more than eight feet.


Gorilla Bounce
Whoever thought you might be leaping from a 12-foot platform down to an Olympic-grade trampoline launching you as high as 20 feet above the water surface? Don't forget your Jungle yell!


Tarzan Swing
From a 6-foot platform, Jungle Swing takes you on a rope swing or create the military climb straight up and ring the bell - a challenge for all!


Jungle Slide
Starting from the 12-foot platform, join your fellow monkeys one-by-one into the slide and jet down the slide to be ultimately thrown across the water!

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